Seasonal Allergies and Skin: Tips to Combat Allergic Reactions

As spring arrives in Fort Worth, the blooming flowers and budding trees, while beautiful, bring a less welcome guest: seasonal allergies. While most people associate seasonal allergies with symptoms like sneezing, itchy eyes, and a runny nose, many overlook how allergies can also affect the skin. At Hidden Door, we understand the challenges our clients face with their skin during this season, and we're here to help.

Understanding the Impact of Allergies on Skin

Seasonal allergies are triggered by allergens such as pollen, mold, and dust, which can also aggravate your skin. Allergens can cause inflammation, leading to symptoms such as redness, itching, and swelling. For those with sensitive skin, this can exacerbate existing skin conditions like eczema or rosacea.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), the key to managing skin affected by allergies is first to recognize the impact allergens have on the skin and then to take steps to minimize exposure and treat the skin appropriately.

Tips to Protect and Soothe Allergy-Affected Skin

1. Keep Pollen at Bay:

  • Make sure to shower and change your clothing after being outdoors to remove pollen.
  • Keep windows closed during high pollen days to prevent allergens from entering your home.

2. Use Gentle Skin Care Products:

  • Opt for hypoallergenic and fragrance-free skin care products. These products are less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Remember, harsh products can further aggravate your skin when it’s already sensitized by allergens.

3. Hydrate and Moisturize:

  • Keeping the skin well-hydrated is essential. Use a good moisturizer to create a barrier against irritants. The National Institute of Health provides insights into how maintaining a healthy barrier with appropriate skincare can help alleviate symptoms.

4. Consider Anti-inflammatory Treatments:

  • Treatments like calming facials or anti-inflammatory creams can help reduce redness and swelling. Ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, and chamomile are beneficial for soothing irritated skin.

5. Stay Hydrated and Maintain a Healthy Diet:

  • Drinking plenty of water and eating a diet rich in antioxidants can help combat inflammation from within. Foods high in vitamin C, such as oranges and strawberries, can boost your skin’s resistance to allergens.

6. Consult a Specialist:

  • If over-the-counter solutions aren’t enough, it might be time to see a specialist. Dermatologists can provide prescriptions for stronger treatments that can offer relief. The Mayo Clinic suggests that seeking professional help can be crucial in managing severe allergy symptoms.

Med Spa Treatments for Allergy-Affected Skin

At Hidden Door, we offer a variety of treatments that can soothe and restore skin irritated by seasonal allergies:


  • Our Hydrafacials replenish the moisture barrier, vital for protecting your skin from irritants. Consider trying the Platinum Hydrafacial - this is the ultimate Hydrafacial Experience! Begin the detoxification process with lymphatic therapy. Continue with the Deluxe Hydrafacial to deeply cleanse , extract and hydrate the skin while addressing specific skin concerns with a specialty vial based on your needs. This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy.

Antioxidant Infusions:

  • Treatments rich in antioxidants can reduce inflammation and strengthen your skin's ability to defend against environmental aggressors. Try our SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer Treatment. This treatment reduces redness and flushing, alleviates discomfort, and helps reinforce the skin’s barrier.

Sensitive Skin Products and Recommendations:

  • We provide expert recommendations on the best skincare products tailored to sensitive or allergy-prone skin types, such a SkinCeutical's Emollience face moisturizer, formulated with an exclusive combination of natural extracts and essential oils making it a rich, restorative face moisturizer for dry skin and sensitive skin types.

Living with seasonal allergies in Fort Worth doesn’t have to mean suffering from skin irritation. With the right care and precautions, you can enjoy the beautiful spring without the unwanted skin discomfort. Visit us at Hidden Door, where our experts are ready to help you achieve and maintain clear and comfortable skin despite the seasonal challenges.