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Understanding the Importance of Sunscreen: Insights and Innovations

Recent surveys have shed light on the concerning attitudes and behaviors regarding sunscreen use, a crucial factor in preventing skin cancer and maintaining skin health.

Despite being highly preventable, skin cancer remains a significant risk, partly due to inadequate sun protection practices. A startling survey by the American Academy of Dermatology found that 61% of Americans are not concerned about developing skin cancer, even though many possess risk factors. This lack of concern is particularly pronounced among younger generations, with 71% of Gen Z adults unfamiliar with sunburn risks and many holding misconceptions about tanning.

Another nationwide survey from Health Canal in June 2023 highlighted a widespread lack of knowledge and preventive measures regarding sun damage. Most American adults expose themselves to the sun, often seeking vitamin D production or a tan, despite the risks. Alarmingly, only 16% consistently wear sunscreen, and even fewer do so outside the summer months.

Encouraging regular sunscreen application, especially over makeup, is a significant hurdle. Innovations in sunscreen formulations, such as balms, sticks, and powders, offer more makeup-friendly options. A recent survey revealed varying preferences for these products, with a majority favoring powder sunscreen for reapplication over makeup. Hidden Door recommends Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Brush-On Shield Glow SPF 50.

At Hidden Door Med Spa, we recognize the urgent need to enhance sun protection awareness and practices. With a significant portion of the population still undervaluing sun protection's role in preventing skin cancer and aging, finding appealing sunscreen products is crucial. Our goal is to inform and equip our clients with the best possible products and knowledge to make sun protection a seamless part of their daily routine.

Hidden Door Med Spa is committed to educating and empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their skin health. Remember, effective sun protection is a key component of maintaining not just your skin's beauty, but its health and vitality as well. Stay informed, stay protected, and embrace a healthier approach to sun exposure.